Myth. 2021- a queer retelling

A queer (re)telling of love and family. Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. I would like to imagine a world where these tales are interlinked and characters become interchangeable with one another. That as the moon looks over the world; Proserpina, tempted by Selene and all that  glimmers in her light, contemplates leaving her mother in the dusk of evening twilight.
To create a possible world of queer deities. A world separate from binaries and heteronormative tales. A universe without patriarchy, stories where someone can dance with the moon and fall in love in a world not bound by comparisons to our own.
  Myths act as a way to explain the human existence.To answer the 'questions of life' without excluding the stories of those who have so often been forgotten, unconsidered or removed from history.

I did not want to simply 'swap gender roles' for Proserpina. I'd like to imagine that either figure in the series could exist as Daughter or mother. Not wanting to retell the story of abduction and ownership of a daughter, but instead I wanted tell a story of longing and bond between mother and child.

Selene is a deity without temple, for they can be seen from everywhere. Typically depicted as a beautiful woman. We  imagined Selene as if every night they waited to step onto their stage and to perform for all to watch. But Selene, the moon, never stops. They remain forever in motion forever dancing.
Midas, the effeminate King. Our version of Midas is a tale of ambition, kindness and opulence.  Part inspired by one of my favourite stories of love and Vanity, 'The Picture of Dorian Grey', but with less tragedy. For one can love oneself and ask for more without losing it all
This project was developed and started during the strictest phase of lockdown,  what originally was restriction of whom I could work, with soon became integral to the project. Working with those closest, physically and emotionally, becoming my returning models and co-creators.